Pakistan Military Project

This project tracks the command elite of the Pakistan Army, including periodic updates to take account of recent retirements and promotions as well as new or better-quality information. The data include a pair of quantitative datasets (one for corps commanders, one for the ISI) as well as individual documents for each officer in the dataset.

Due to the nature of the topic, the coverage and quality of information and sources vary dramatically across officers and there is extensive missing data. We’d love to improve wherever possible. If you have additional information to report, or find mistakes in our data, please contact me.

Article: “Pakistan’s Military Elite.” With Adnan Naseemullah and Ahsan Butt. Journal of Strategic Studies, 2020. Supplementary Materials for this article, using data through February 2017.

Armed Politics

This section includes data for several publications that explore themes of “armed politics.”

Ordering Violence: Explaining Armed Group-State Relations from Conflict to Cooperation (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2021). This link lets you view and download the main dataset, codebook, and qualitative narratives from Ordering Violence. As I note in the book, there are serious limitations to the data, but I really hope it is a useful starting point for your own research.

“Armed Politics and the Study of Intrastate Conflict.” Journal of Peace Research, 2017. Supplementary Materials.

“Politics and Threat Perception: Explaining Pakistani Military Strategy on the North West Frontier.”  With Asfandyar Mir and Sameer Lalwani. Security Studies, 2018. Supplementary Materials.

Indian Internal Security Force Fatalities

“New data on Indian security force fatalities and demographics.” With Drew Stommes. India Review, 2019. Dataset.