Press Sources on the Kashmir Valley

A massive series of protests and state responses have unfolded in the Kashmir Valley the last few weeks, since the killing of Burhan Wani. And yet Indian media discussion of the issue has devolved into Arnab Goswami yelling at people.

A different approach would be to also read some of the press from the Kashmir Valley itself or by Kashmiris. Below is a tiny, limited, non-representative sample (and I obviously do not endorse everything on any site, feed, etc) – but it’s still a lot more useful than just listening to the same debates and same opinions on the same news channels (or the Times of India. . . ), and provides valuably different perspectives. These websites and journalists’ twitter feeds are where I go for news beyond the usual national media suspects. There is also a vastly broader array of twitter/Facebook feeds (though the latter are increasingly unreliable because Facebook is shutting a lot of them down) from activists, politicians, academics, etc that I will try to feature in a future post.

Papers and magazines:

Kashmir Life

Greater Kashmir

Kashmir Narrator

Rising Kashmir

Kashmir Reader

Journalist twitter feeds (among many others): Yusuf Jameel, Parvaiz Bukhari, Basharat Peer, Aijaz Hussain, Shujaat Bukhari, Mirza Waheed, and Muzamil Jaleel.

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