Research on Indo-Pak deterrence

Political scientists and analysts have been churning out work on the India-Pakistan nuclear and conventional balance and its political implications, particularly since both countries tested nuclear weapons in 1998. Below are a few prominent books and articles worth looking at for those interested in how escalation, deterrence, and the nitty-gritty of war-fighting might play out. I don’t work on this topic, so I defer to these colleagues for their expertise (though there is often a range of differing opinion!).

This is just a limited sample of a much broader and richer literature, but a good starting point for people trying to figure out what is make of the current situation:

Vipin Narang, Nuclear Strategy in the Modern Age; article version here. Also a Washington Quarterly piece on India’s nuclear posture.

Sumit Ganguly and Devin Hagerty, Fearful Symmetry.

Paul Kapur, Dangerous Deterrent. See Ganguly and Kapur in this issue of International Security summarizing key arguments.

Walter Ladwig, “A Cold Start for Hot Wars?”

Shashank Joshi, “India’s Military Instrument: A Doctrine Stillborn.”

Clary, Kampani, and Sankaran, “Correspondence: Battling Over Pakistan’s Battlefield Nuclear Weapons.”

Scott Sagan, ed., Inside Nuclear South Asia.

Krepon and Thompson, eds., Deterrence Stability and Escalation Control in South Asia.

Tellis, Fair, and Medby, Limited Conflict Under the Nuclear Umbrella.

Ashley Tellis, India’s Emerging Nuclear Posture.

George Perkovich, India’s Nuclear Bomb.

Chari, Cheema, and Cohen, Four Crises and a Peace Process.

Christine Fair, Fighting to the End.

Peter Lavoy, ed., Asymmetric Warfare in South Asia.

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