Useful articles on China-India-Bhutan stand-off

I’ve found it complicated and often hard to follow, but these recent pieces have been very helpful:

Ankit Panda, “The Political Geography of the India-China Crisis at Doklam,” The Diplomat

Jeff Smith, “High Noon in the Himalayas,” War on the Rocks.

Iskander Rehman, “Hard Men in a Hard Environment,” War on the Rocks [background information on the military balance and strategies].

Taylor Fravel interview on

Sushant Singh, “Motorable track at the centre of tug-of-war with Beijing,” Indian Express.

Interview with Shivshankar Menon in the Hindu.

Rohan Mukherjee, “Sikkim Stand-off: What Explains China’s coercive diplomacy?” Business Standard.

“Sikkim Impasse: What is the India-China-Bhutan Border Stand-Off,” Indian Express.

Manoj Joshi, “On India-China Himalayan face-off, China may just have a case,” Indian Express.


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