Public Opinion in India & Misinformation in Pakistan

A pair of valualbe recent data projects were recently released that provide new insights into public opinion in India and Pakistan.

The first is this year’s version of the Observer Research Foundation’s survey of Indian urban youth regarding foreign policy. I’m excited about this survey, especially if it continues to be offered regularly – there are very few surveys regarding Indian foreign policy (sample-limited or not) that consistently track opinions over time. There’s lots of interesting time in there, so check it out.

The second is a fascinating new United States Institute of Peace report by Asfandyar Mir and Niloufer Siddiqui, which uses focus groups and surveys to explore the dynamics of conspiracy theory and misinformation in Pakistan. It’s important social science, with important implications; for instance, they conclude that “Many Pakistanis are aware of the prevalence of misinformation, but survey results suggest that simple corrections of misinformation do not effectively counter negative downstream social and political beliefs.”

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